the best stories start with you

The art is lovely. I know you'll cherish that. What I hope to give you is something that goes beyond images of someone you love. I want to reflect how you are in every part of the love story you share with your someone.

You are in every one of photos from your session, even if you aren't physically in the frame. You are in every inch of portrait. That's because you make love possible; you provide the safety they need. So these are way more than portraits for your wall - they are illustrations of how you have grown, expanded, and learned to love, even when it's hard. And how exceptionally gorgeous and wonderful your best friend is.

You will always have this love, and you will always have the art to prove it.

photography about animals

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photography about businesses and nonprofits

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other 2D art about animals

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the weirdness of working with Shannon

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