No poses, props, or expectations. Just real love and maybe eye boogers and slobber.

These aren't magazine-ready images because you don't have a magazine-ready life. The process honors that - the photography happens at the pace your family needs with the accommodations that make it the most enjoyable experience.

We'll chat before your session to discuss ideas, why photography is important to you, and how you'd like to feel when you see the finished images. I'll learn about you and your family, how you became family, and what kinds of adventures you've experienced together. All of that helps me recognize the moments, postures, and expressions that are going to be the most impactful for you.

Most sessions take place at home because that's where most families feel safest. We can arrange an adventure session if that suits you. The camera time is conversational and easy with no pressure to do things a certain way - I follow along with whatever happens, and if it feels like things are too relaxed, I'll provide prompts for you to work through as a family based on the information you've shared with me.

A few weeks after the session I'll have your images ready in an online gallery for you to view. You can choose the images you'd like to keep, order prints, and share as you wish. It's a super easy experience that works well whether you want to DIY prints or have me take care of them for you.

Friends of Conan

A friend of Conan is someone with a scheduled euthanasia appointment. This session is designed to document the last time you are doing something together as well as all the physical attributes you are going to long for.

starting at $150

The Wean

At-home (or in-the-neighborhood) photography for the ones who feel their best in their own place.

Starting at $100

The Rhys

Film photography for the ones who are classic, refined, and can't be fully defined digitally. Film sessions include prints and scanned images and can be in color or black and white (or both).

Starting at $250

The Vaughn

Story-selling, outreach, and branding photography that feels connected, nurturing, and supportive - just like your organization (for-profit, for-benefit, or nonprofit).

Starting at $100

The Arden

Totally natural, unfussy photography to document your small wedding or elopement that naturally includes your animal family.

Starting at $400

what happens next

Schedule the session

We'll get something on the calendar for your family. It's personal, intimate work, and it usually works well for us to chat beforehand (video, message, or in person) to see if we are a good fit. That way you can ask me about what is important to you and I can explain more about my process and approach (and learn about your family).

If your session is more than five days away, I'll ask for some of the initial payment to save your place.

Feel connected, loved, and witnessed

We do the things with the cameras. It's relaxed and your animal family member sets the pace for what we do and for how long. I'll let you know when I think I've got the good stuff.

These are conversational sessions with no pressure to do anything a particular way. My job is to make the best of what is available and be a steady, undemanding witness.

Review the images and decide what you'd like

About two weeks after your session (maybe longer for weddings and organizations), I'll link you to the images in a private gallery. You'll be able to order prints and other products directly from the gallery if you'd like, mark your favorites, and share with friends and family. Once you let me know which images you'd like and the balance is settled, I'll set up the gallery for you to download what you'll keep.

no pressure to buy stuff

You don't have to decide how much you invest until you've seen the photographs from the session (other than the photography fee, that is). Then you pick. And you get to choose whether you want just one, the whole set, or something in between.

Single images are $30 each. A group of five images is $100. A session collection (for The Wean) is $300. Image pricing is different for weddings (The Arden) and organizations (The Vaughn). Friends of Conan sessions include 10 images in the $150 session price. Film photography (The Rhys) includes prints and image scans with a price based on the number of rolls of film we plan for.

I don't like feeling pressure to buy more than I want or need, and I bet you don't either. So let's not do that.

let's make something your cat won't push off the table

but no promises about that

ask about a session